2018 Run or Walk for Southlake

Team Kimmy

My Mother was a beautiful, fearless, and outstanding woman. Those who came in contact with her will never forget her infectious smile and her caring heart. I will always admire my Mother for that, because although she was taken from us too soon, she left a legacy of love and affection that is truly remarkable.

She always put other peoples interest ahead of her own, she wanted to ensure each and every person she interacted with left that conversation a happier person. My Mother was everything I strive to be and she did it so effortlessly, that’s the amazing part.

If it weren’t for my Mother I wouldn’t be the man I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the things I did at Brock if it weren’t for my Mothers endless confidence in my abilities, regardless of how goofy I am. I would have never picked up a guitar if it weren’t for her endless requests for me to play her a song. I could go on forever.

When I look back on my Mother’s life three words come to mind: Love, Kindness, and Fun. That is a pretty admirable legacy to leave behind if you ask me. Moreover, if you are reading this, take care of your Mother. Love her, hug her, kiss her cheek, do anything to show her how much you appreciate her. After all, you only get one Mother.

I will love you forever and always Momma. You were and will always be the best Momma Matt, Meg, and I could have ever asked for.

Your Loving Son,



Special Thank You to Dr. Nathanson and Dr. Seagul for keepig us calm and informed throughout the entire process. You were fantatstic.

Special Thank You as well to Katie (CICU), Ashley (ICU), Tessa (ICU), and all the other nurses that took such great care of our Mother during our two weeks at Southlake. You were always able to calm us down and remind us of the great person my Mother was. Thank you so much. 

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