2018 Run or Walk for Southlake


Hey Everyone!

Thank you for visiting our page, please take a look below to learn about our journey and to see why my family decided to join the run this year. Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated!

We are running for our Husband/Dad, Rick. In 2016 he spent 12 weeks at Southlake on various floors throughout his recovery. What started as a heart attack ended in an aphasic brain injury.  Everyone we encountered was amazing and helped us navigate the scary and often very emotional 12 weeks we spent there. He started his stay in the CICU and we can't say enough good things about the nurses in this unit.  They helped us through the most awful week of our lives. They took such good care of my Dad (and us) always explaining exactly what was going on and what they were trying to do to increase healing potential.  There are no words to express our gratitude for all of the nurses and staff in this unit. From there he moved to the cardiac wing where he was monitored closely and where we started to realize what our new lives looked like and the impairments he now had. Once it was time for rehab he spent his remaining 6 weeks learning how to walk, talk , eat, and do everyday tasks again. Everyone in this unit made it their goal to make sure he would be able to attend Samantha's wedding - not only was he there but he WALKED her down the aisle at a time when he was still mostly wheelchair bound. We spent a lot of our time at the hospital so that we could make sure he was getting the most out of his time there and got to know much of the staff very well. Thank you to all the nurses and rehab staff that got him to where he was before we took him home. Our journey isn't over and his brain injury and impairments are forever but we are extremely thankful that it no longer includes the hospital. Having said that, we are forever grateful to everyone we encountered while at Southlake. I am hoping through this run I can give back even a little to Southlake.

From the Bottom of our Hearts - THANK YOU for helping us give back to Southlake!

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